Nykon Wave is the name given to a remarkable fifth dimensional energy that is pure unconditional love.

“It's like being hugged by an Angel!”

About The Nykon Wave

Nykon Wave is a specific degree of radiance of fifth dimensional Love accessed through the Keys of Creation held by Shabdan, combined with the Devanchanic Light Codes of Surumetra and the light Cathedral of Surumetra. This combination of keys, light codes and the resonant action of the Cathedral make it possible for us to experience Nykon Wave vibration in our daily lives.

The Nykon Wave range is being launched with pashmina-style scarves/meditation shawls. Each one carries the distinctive Nykon Wave label to show that it has been energised with Nykon Wave love energy by Shabdan. Wearing it feels wonderful — like being hugged by an angel! These beautiful energised scarves can be used for meditation, as a classic fashion accessory, to hang in your meditation space or to drape over a prayer table or altar area. They also make wonderful gifts. Choose a colour to match your clothing or the theme of your healing room, or have several in your wardrobe to match different outfits and moods.

Made from high-quality hand-woven viscose that has been fairly sourced and fairly traded, the rectangular shawls measure a generous 203 cm (80 inches) by 68.5cm (27 inches) and they drape and fall beautifully. The superior yarn and weave-density give them pleasing weight and silky softness and each one has neatly hand-fringed ends.

The Range


This soft cream-coloured scarf feels light and comfortable when used as a gentle meditation shawl and it will coordinate with any outfit if you want to wear it out and about. You simply cannot go wrong with Meditation! You will appreciate the calmness that this soft colour offers, together with the beautiful Nykon Wave vibrations.


Revel in the beautiful vibrant magenta of the divine feminine ray and enjoy it in combination with the Love energy of the Nykon Wave. Make a bold statement by wearing this empowering colour while healing and when out in the world.


This lovely deep purple shawl carries the colour of mastership and is great for meditation and healing. This is also the colour of transformation and the purple ray, where Archangel Zadkiel works with St Germain. Walk with the angels and masters in the added frequency of the Nykon Wave!


Enjoy the soft, elegant resonance of this silver-coloured shawl. Silver embodies harmony, grace and positivity and its light ascension vibration combines beautifully with the energy of the Nykon Wave.


Archangel Raphael, the angel of Healing, works on the green ray of healing and prosperity, making this colour a perfect addition to your healing space. The colour of healing also echoes a principal colour of nature and resonates with the love of the Nykon Wave.


Red is the colour of passion, strength and roses! Step out in the world with this powerful statement shade combined with the love frequency of the Nykon Wave.


The colour of the pink ray of love is a powerful force in the universe and a perfect companion to the energy of the Nykon Wave. Archangel Chamuel and Lady Nada both work on the pink ray, reflected in the elegant shade of this shawl.


Blue is the colour of the throat chakra overseen by Archangel Michael, and the blue ray embodies protection, faith, courage and strength as well as divine communication. Wrap the love of the Nykon Wave around you like a deep blue cloak.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is coming soon. In the meantime, please direct purchase enquiries to info@iona-light.co.uk.

Pricing Information

£18 each + £3.50 P&P (UK) for up to 4 scarves, £7 for 5 - 8 scarves. We can send worldwide – please contact us for a shipping quote +44 1382 581951 or text/sms 07900 046 024.

Care Instructions

Cool hand wash (similar colours together) and dry naturally. Dark colours may transfer.